Accounting + Audit

RSW Accountants + Adviseurs offers different types of services on historical financial information, depending on the request of the client. Our core services are:

Compilation of financial statements

RSW Accountants + Adviseurs assists clients with the preparation of financial statements. Our team prepares your accounts based on your financial records. We will ensure your annual financial statements comply with all legal requirements.

Audit of financial statements

An audit might be needed to satisfy legal requirements or because of a third party. We have experience in auditing all sizes and types of business and organisations. Our audit approach focuses on taking time to understand your business, concentrating on the core business and financial risks facing it as understanding and controlling risk is fundamentally important for the survival and commercial success of any business. In doing so, we are able to make meaningful recommendations that contribute to the efficiency and profitability of your business. Our aim is to add value through the audit process. The objective of an audit engagement is to enable the accountant to express with a high level of assurance whether the financial statements are free from material misstatements. RSW Accountants + Adviseurs reports on the engagement by issuing an auditor’s report. We provide an opinion on the financial statements with reasonable assurance.

Review of financial statements

Furthermore, in a review engagement we examine whether the financial statements provide a fair presentation of the organisations financial situation. However, we perform less procedures. Because less procedures are performed, we will provide less assurance on the financial statements. We will provide a conclusion with limited assurance.

Regardless of the type of engagement, we always act in a professional, competent and objective manner, and with due care and integrity, and treat information as confidential.

Besides the services mentioned above, we offer the following other services:

  • Company valuations;
  • Due Diligence studies;
  • Business economic issues;
  • Investment analysis.

You do your business at an international level?

We are affiliated with INPACT, an international association of independent accountancy offices. Thanks to our extensive international network, we can be of service to you in this area. Curious about our international approach? Then contact us without obligation.

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