Taxation + Advice

Currently, RSW provides a wide variety of services to foreign parent companies situated in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy etc.

Due to our experience in this international environment, we can provide advice on corporate structures; how to best incorporate these in the total international structure. Furthermore, we advise about the implication of tax treaties and taxation in the Netherlands.

Naturally, we often provide assistance in dealing with notaries and tax authorities.

But this is only the first step…

Our first and foremost goal is to establish a long lasting relationship with our clients. We provide our clients with all the services and advice needed on a proactive basis so they can focus on their main goal: the growth of their business.


The RSW tax department offers a wide range of services not only in the field of tax/taxation (advice, tax and estate planning, financial planning, setting up and filing out various tax returns) but also include advice on the best corporate enterprise form, the overall (international) corporate structure and the implication of tax treaties.

Obviously, if the situation demands it, we also represent our clients when dealing with the tax authorities or in tax procedures.



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RSW is your Dutch partner for accountancy, taxation, administration and payroll services. We offer professional and fair services to entrepreneurs, governments and individuals. Due to our excellent international contacts we are equipped with extensive knowledge and we give valuable advice.

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